“Julie Miesionczek is a natural editor—she is gifted at bringing out the best in an author’s work, at seamless line editing, at being both firm but kind in her approach with authors.  She is smart, reliable, detail-oriented, personable, and an excellent communicator.  It’s no wonder both authors and agents love working with her—as did I!”

Pamela Dorman, Vice President & Publisher, Pamela Dorman Books/Viking



“Julie was my editor for three rounds of revisions on my debut novel, Steal the North. In my acknowledgements I thank her for ‘her passion and stamina, and for her ability to cut bullshit and add grace.' Julie and I took a journey together—page by page, chapter by chapter. There isn’t a person on earth who knows my book better than she does. Her council was sage, always. I had one character, in particular, who Julie kept pushing me to further explore and expose. I had to turn this character belly-up, and the novel deepened because of it. With almost uncanny timing, Julie also knew exactly when to pull back and allow me the space to figure out certain organic things on my own. By trusting my artistic ability and instincts, she gave me the confidence necessary to be brave, decisive, to reach further with endings, for example, or to do more with less. There were no major rewrites of Steal the North. But, thanks to Julie’s insights and keen editorial eye, the novel greatly improved: structurally more sound, with far more texture, rough edges smoothed, loose threads snipped or woven through, characters’ motivations clarified. She is an excellent editor, whom I highly recommend. Writing a novel is a solitary act, lonely even, but revising takes collaboration. Julie is the best travel companion and guide."

Heather Brittain Bergstrom, award-winning short story writer and author of Steal the North


“I had the pleasure and honor of working with Julie, who was my editor for Madam: A Novel of New Orleans.  Julie has that wonderful combination of shrewd editorial skills, keen insight, years of firsthand experience inside one of the largest publishing houses, and an honest, respectful touch. With thoughtfully delivered critique, Julie helped me bring out the true potential of the work and made everything come together into a book that was light years better than the original manuscript, but that still felt exactly like 'me' and the story I wanted to tell.  A good editor is an artist in her own right—and Julie is an invaluable resource for any writer serious about publishing a book.” 

– Cari Lynn, author of Madam: A Novel of New Orleans


“Julie edited my last two books, and the suggestions she made improved them immeasurably. With the first book, she really pushed me to tighten, clarify and keep the pace up in a way I’d never experienced before. It was like getting a master’s level course in revision, and it changed the way I wrote the next book. The draft was clearer and cleaner, and needed much less editing. Julie is not only a thoughtful and thorough editor, she’s also a great teacher, too, and I’m a better writer for having worked with her.”

Juliette Fay, author of Deep Down True (shortlisted for the Women’s Fiction Award by the American Library Association) and The Shortest Way Home (winner of the Library Journal Award for Best Women’s Fiction)


“Julie Miesionczek is a wise and intuitive editor who knows how to give a manuscript polish, focus and solidity.  I very much enjoyed working with her. Anyone who hires her will be a lucky writer." 

– Jennie Fields, author of The Age of Desire (an Editor’s Choice selection in The New York Times Book Review)



"Julie Miesionczek was the editor for my debut novel, Alice Bliss and I feel very lucky that I fell into Julie's capable hands. From the beginning I felt that Julie and I were on the same page. We might have differed over a few things, but we were always working towards crafting the best possible book. Our back and forth was based on trust, mutual respect and honesty. Those three things are the backbone of any good relationship and it can take some time to forge those bonds.  I quickly realized how smart Julie is and what good taste she has—which allowed me to trust her judgment. She also has a great 'ear'she hears the music of languageand she 'got' the music of my book without allowing me to over indulge." 

– Laura Harrington, author of Alice Bliss (an Indie Next pick, winner of the Massachusetts Book Award in Fiction, a People Pick, and a B&N Discover Great New Writers Program selection)

"Working with Julie was a masterclass in editing. All my books are better because of her. I learnt so much about streamlining a novel, developing character arcs, honing a story to its very best self." 

– Menna Van Praag, author of The House at the End of Hope Street