Q: What kinds of projects will you edit?
A: I will work on a variety of fiction, from historical to contemporary novels, short story collections to too-long novels (that I would try to trim!), and commercial to literary works. I will also work on memoir and select narrative nonfiction. I focus on fiction because I have more experience with it, but email me to discuss whether I’d be a good fit for your nonfiction project. I do not work on cookbooks, children's, middle grade, and young adult books, or academic books.

Q: How much will it cost?
A:  I will charge either an hourly rate or a project fee, which are negotiable and will be determined per project. Visit my contact page to get in touch.

Q: Do you copyedit or proofread?
A: I will probably point out obvious grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues (because I can’t help myself!), but I am not a copyeditor or a proofreader. I am a developmental editor. If you don’t understand the difference, think of it this way: I may tell you that your protagonist’s friend should not be a ghost; a copyeditor would not tell you this. Copyeditors address issues of grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency of style, and factual errors. Proofreaders read the typeset versions of an edited manuscript, as in the page proofs before publication. 

Q: If a project isn’t right for you, could you recommend someone else?
A: I’m happy to recommend a collaborator who might be a better fit. I know other talented independent editors (some specializing in nonfiction), publishing consultants, ghost writers, copyeditors, and proofreaders.

Q: Do you guarantee agent representation or publication?
A: I cannot guarantee that working with me will land you an agent or a book deal; no editor, even an in-house editor, can guarantee this. You should steer clear of people who make such a claim (unless they own their own agency or press). But I do believe that working with me, or any good independent editor, will help. 

Q:  Will you send my book to your former cohorts at agencies or publishing houses? Pretty please?
A: If I believe the project is a strong candidate for publication and a good fit for an agent or editor I know, I may pass on your materials. I will ask permission first. This is solely at my discretion.

Q:  How do you pronounce your last name?!?
A: Muh-sahn-check. I expect mispronunciations, don't worry about it;)